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About Us
Rural Reconstruction and Development Society (RRDS) is a voluntary organization started by a group of likeminded social workers in the year 1991 to reach out to the poor and needy Dalits, Tribals, Fisher folk, Women, children and small and marginal farmers in the remote parts of rural areas of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh and works irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion and sex. RRDS has been playing a facilitative role in the social transformation of community and empower the disadvantaged people by guiding individuals and community-based organizations (CBO). Sanghams are the basic units to make the community more vibrant to fight against injustice and involved development process. Community sensitization, capacity building and process development are the phases involved in our efforts.
RRDS has missionary zeal for reduction of poverty in the lives of target communities by empowering them through united action with special emphasis on women, children, and Fisher folk and Agricultural labor. Because these are the most affected among the rural population and are living in pitiable conditions. It believes that the target group women, children and agricultural laborers are exploited and need to be organized as a pressure group to exert pressure on politicians and bureaucrats to implement programme meant for their welfare. Thus organization allows space and opportunity to initiate programme of their own which could help them to break the century old bondage and subjugation. The promoted peoples organizations are perceived as power equations of the poor that can successfully address prevailing values, rituals and procedures as well as existing situations and conditions that contribute to marginalize and exploit

Vision :

The vision of RRDS is to attain total empowerment of the target group by creating a society without poverty, illiteracy, sickness, child labor and gender and social inequality and oppression among tribal, Dalit and other marginal communities.

Mission :

The mission of RRDS is facilitating total empowerment of poor and to attempt for an alternative development system ‘for the people - by the people and with the people’ towards achieving basic education, health and livelihoods for all with gender and social equality.

RRDS key missions
  • Gender, Tribal, Dalit and fisher-folk empowerment in a participatory approach.
  • Sustainable development, natural resource management livelihood and food security for all.
  • Education for all and child labor elimination.
  • Education and empowerment of disabled communities.
  • TB, HIV/AIDS Health for all and alternative health practices.
  • Advocacy, Lobbying and documentation.
  • The goal of RRDS is to create self-governing communities and their organizations for poverty reduction through achieving basic rights, basic education, health security, gender and social equality and livelihood security for the poor.
  • Join your hands to became a partner, volunteer resource mobilization, fund raising, documentation, documentary film making, monitoring and evaluation to support RRDS for empowerment could be brought about by individual and collective action towards bringing about changes in political, social, educational, cultural and economic structures.
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